Q. What is your Twitter authentication policy?


The site requires a pair of Twitter account and wallet address registered in Tzkt Profile.

Authentication is done in the following order: Twitter login, Wallet Sync.

Supabase also retrieves the email associated with the Twitter account, so the email address and Twitter account name pair is stored in the database.

The Email address is not used for any other purpose than authentication. Any marketing emails you receive are SPAM.

Q. What kind of gallery can we create?


You can create 3 tokens x 4 Floors Gallery.

1. You can display your creations.

Yonakaku Jinja

2. You can display your collection and adding your favorite URL link to token.

Animal Collection

3. You can add On-Sale tokens & you can sell it on gallery directly.


Q. What are the limitations of the tokens that can be used?


You can use your creations & collection for disaplaying.

You can use your creations for Background & Floors

You can use your collection for Background & Floors if those works are permitted by the creator.

You CAN NOT use your collection for Background & Floors if those works are NOT permitted by the creator for that purpose.

Q.How can I grant permission to use a token for backgrounds & floors?

A. You can do that in Manage Tokens page

Q. How do I make my gallery public?

A. Your Galleries 👉 Choose your gallery & press Publish Button.

Q. How do I update published gallery ?

A. Press Unpublish then press publish again.

Q. Is it an autosave?

A. No. Please, press save data button.